IPWEA Australasian Fleet Conference prelim program as of 22 March 2019. 


Conference themes:

> Strategy  > Resources > Performance

Session topics:

International Fleet Management, North America
This session will sustainable excellence in fleet management
Delegates will learn:
> Best practices
> Developing skills and strategies for sustained excellence
> Ideas and technologies that are transforming the industry

International Fleet Management, Philippines
This session will present fleet management from the perspective of a complex fleet in the Philippines
Delegates will learn:
> Reliability Centred Maintenance
> The Improvement pathway
> Challenges
> Different assets used in the Philippines

Fleet Management – the Big Picture
The fleet industry is rapidly changing. Technology, economics, evolving markets and new management tools will continue to change the game. This session looks at the big changes happening in the fleet industry right now.

~ The Road Ahead
This session presents a number of initiatives being undertaken by IPWEA to support fleet practitioners meet the challenge and lead fleet management in Australasia

~ A Risky Business – Managing risk in a fleet
Operating a fleet carries many risks, not the least of which is the human element.
This session presents how you can improve fleet efficiency by:
> Understanding human factors and behaviour 
Managing and reducing risk incidents  
Containing crash & insurance costs

The Road to Compliance – A Chain of Responsibility Case study
Meeting the obligations of National Heavy Vehicle Law and COR requires a structured and methodical approach. This session presents real life examples of the journey along the compliance path.

The Modern Technician
What are the skills needed in today’s maintenance operation?
This session will address:
The changing requirements for automotive technicians
How the industry is responding
The need for Auto electricians, Diesel Mechanics and dual trade
What are the necessary skills for now and in the future

~ Fit and Able: Verification of competency
Ensuring your staff are fit and able to undertake the job is fundamental to a successful fleet operation. This real-life case study will address how to ensure your staff are fit for the job and consider:
Internal Licensing
Medical Certification

Watch your Warranty – Improving Protection for Fleet Operators
There is concern current consumer protection for new car owners does not go far enough. Issues include; understanding your rights as the owner of a new vehicle and the response of dealers and manufacturers. This session provides an overview of your rights, current arrangements and potential developments in the future.

Watts Current in Heavy Electric Vehicles
This presentation will look at current, real world examples of EVs in heavy vehicle applications such as waste compactors.

Fleet Management Master Class
Facilitated session with panel of experienced and respected Fleet Managers to address the HR issues common in today’s workplace:

From Local Government to Private Enterprise
Comparisons are often made between the public and private sectors. This insightful session is presented by a fleet manager who has worked in both and provides learning that can be applied regardless of the industry you work in.
A comparison between running Public and Private Sector Fleets
Managing different fleets
> Differences between sectors
> Challenges
> Learning from the differences
> Takeaways that delegates can apply now

Implementing a new Fleet Management Information System
The success of a new FMIS is dependent on how it is implemented. This case study presents the learnings from transitioning to a new fleet system in a diverse fleet operation.

The New Wave in Fleet Management – Mobility
> Mobility is new paradigm in fleet management moving from an asset focus to a service focus. In this session you will hear about:
> Mobility enabling technologies 
> Improved management of resources and services 
> How fleets are benefiting from improved efficiency and effectiveness

Robotics in Fleet Management
Robotics are now helping fleets be safer and more efficient. This session will discuss how robots are having an impact:
Camera checking environs of compactor 
Robotics in fleet management

About the Conference and Trade Display

IPWEA’s highly regarded Fleet Management division has been providing expert training, information and best practice documentation for more than 14 years.

Our extensively researched and practical guidance manuals and training materials for Fleet Managers, Workshop Supervisors and their teams have been relied on by fleet operators including most Australian councils.

This is your invitation to become part of this now well established IPWEA conference as a sponsor or trade display exhibitor. The trade area will be larger than ever and will combine both indoor booths and outdoor equipment displays under the one roof.

Our fleet community is facing unprecedented change and challenges. Our conference will respond to the critical areas of strategy, resources and performance.

The constant pressure to reduce costs combined with the rapid integration of new technologies and increasing regulation is impacting how fleet is managed.

IPWEA’s practical conference will host two streams, which will have strong appeal to both public and private sector fleet management and personnel.

Keynote sessions will involve experts in their field who will share their vision on how to prepare for the challenges confronting the Australian and New Zealand fleet sector.

IPWEA’s fleet conference value proposition allows you in front of your key local Government audience.