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Conference Program

IPWEA Australasia Fleet Conference detailed program will be available shortly:

Conference themes:

> Innovation 
> Efficiency
> Solutions

Session topics:

~ International Speaker Fleet Management Perfect Storm
> Are you Ready for the Perfect Storm that’s Bearing Down on Fleet Owners across the World?

~ Forward look in to the Australian Vehicle Market and Fleet Industry
> Transport Planning
Implementing change in safety management
> Information management (dealing with big data)

~ The Road Ahead

> IPWEA’s innovations to support the fleet management industry

~ The First Step to Managing Fleet Costs – Lease or Buy
What is the difference
Lease, buy or a mix?
New accounting rules
Case study

~ The Last Piece of the Puzzle – Managing Plant and Vehicle Whole of Life Cost through Remarketing
> Remarketing trends for councils and government agencies nationally
> National council remarketing statistics (state vs state by Channel),
> Optimising asset returns
> What’s hot, what’s not in motor vehicles 
> New technology 
> Residual value, data, connected car

~ Successful Implementation of Fleet Management Information Systems (and what leads to unsuccessful implementation)

~ Change management related to FMIS

~ Communication systems case study (digital radio) 
> Benefit and uses
> Challenges

> What are the necessary foundations
> How to make it happen
> Scenarios – what’s wrong with this report? 

~ Prevention is better than Cure – A case study in Preventative Maintenance:
The benefits of an effective PM program.
> Designing service programs to optimise PM efficiency.
> Health check case study

~ Compliance is part of your business – a new approach to COR

~ Case Study – COR making it happen.
> Understand where you are, creating influence, managing change

~ COGC Overview of involvement and considerations in holding the Commonwealth Games.
Impact on COGC

~ Commonwealth Games COGC –Transport Strategy
~ Commonwealth Games COGC – Fleet Operations 
~ Commonwealth Games Planning Q&A

Panel Sessions:

~ Forward look in to the Australian Vehicle Market / Fleet Industry

~ Facilitated Panel discussion including the Keynote International Speaker

~ Panel session Commonwealth Games planning

Technical Tour: 

City of Gold Coast Fleet Depot Tour
Landfill facility tour
Drive-by tour of Commonwealth Games infrastructure

International Keynote Presentation

Are you Ready for the Perfect Storm that’s Bearing Down on Fleet Owners across the World?

Fleet management is likely to be more tumultuous in the next decade than it has been in the last five. So says our speaker Paul Lauria, president of Washington, DC-based fleet management consultancy Mercury Associates, Inc. During his 34-year career as a transportation and fleet management consultant, Paul has worked with large and small fleets across a broad range of industries, but primarily with large government public works and public safety fleets. He also has worked in more than 20 countries around the world, including Australia, so his views on fleet management are not shaped only by what he sees happening in the US and Canada. In this session, Paul will talk about three key forces inexorably bearing down on fleet owners and fleet management professionals: the growing complexity of automotive technology, heightened senior management expectations created by advances in information technology, and the simultaneous loss of institutional knowledge as veteran fleet managers retire and are replaced, in many cases, by management generalists who know what the acronym KPI – but not EGR – means.

About the Conference and Trade Display

IPWEA’s highly regarded Fleet Management division has been providing expert training, information and best practice documentation for more than 13 years.

Our extensively researched and practical guidance manuals and training materials for Fleet Managers, Workshop Supervisors and their teams have been relied on by fleet operators including most Australian councils.

This is your invitation to become part of this ground-breaking new IPWEA conference as a sponsor or trade display exhibitor.

Our fleet community is facing unprecedented change and challenges. Our conference will respond to the critical areas of innovation, efficiency and solutions.

The constant pressure to reduce costs combined with the rapid integration of new technologies and increasing regulation is impacting how fleet is managed.

IPWEA’s practical conference will host two streams, one focused on management and the other on maintenance, which will have strong appeal to both public and private sector fleet management and personnel.

Keynote sessions will involve experts in their field who will share their vision on how to prepare for the challenges confronting the Australian and New Zealand fleet sector.

IPWEA’s fleet conference value proposition allows you in front of your key local Government audience.